My life purpose is to encourage and support stronger people and ultimately to help make the world a better place. My passion is to share my stories to guide and inspire others in order to fulfil that purpose. 

I have always been a writer- It's something that I always come back to, and the best way for me to find my voice, and express my purpose to others. My first publication was in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book at age 13, which was followed by some magazine articles, then a journey to self discovery that I have been documenting for over a decade. 

I have invested 1000's of dollars and hours of my time into research in order to expand my knowledge and understanding of having a healthy balance in Mind Body and Spirit. 

I even spent 12 days in the Amazon jungle in 2012 on a healing retreat to practise healing with plant medicines, Shamans and Energy Healers. 

I hope my readers can find my content relatable and use it as a source of inspiration - Young Adults, Bereaved Parents, Individuals suffering from Heartbreak, Anxiety, Depression and more can find value here.

Erin Carthew 2019